Protests in Romania getting stronger

Tens of thousands of people are still protesting as I type this. It all started last Friday. The drop that filled the cup was reached when president Basescu fired MD. Raed Arafat, the man who created the emergency medical system SMURD, because Arafat criticized the new health care privatization scheme coocked up by the laboratories of Cotroceni (the presidential building), by mere jurists without any consultation of the college of medical doctors or the representatives of the civil societies and no public debate. The violent protesters that hurt reporters, gendarmes and honest peaceful protestors, were organized by the ministry of interior the news media outlets said.

The gendarmes didn’t really do anything to the violent protestors, it was more of a let them do horrible things, then chase them off, without actually retaining them and prosecuting them. That gave the liberal democrats, who have the majority alongside the hungarian minority union the opportunity to criticize and downplay the protests of the people who are fed up with Basescu and his prime-minister puppet Boc.  A news reporter commented on Antena 3 channel, that an officer of the romanian intelligence service who wished to remain anonymous, said that he and other officers were instructed by the Interior to monitor the protestors, to see which of them fancied the opposition parties.  Not only that, but one of the violent protestors which was seen on everyone’s TV screens, was actually a man who is banned from entering any national soccer stadium, because of violent history at games and was actually seen a year back as the man who organized mettings of popular support for the minister of defence General Oprea (who can’t even read a fucking speech, seriously).

Saturday when the violent protests started out, or rather were staged out, the media warned that violent soccer fan groups were amongst the peaceful protestors. The gendarmes know who these groups are, because they fight them all the time, in soccer matches, derbies etc.  There were gendarmes disguised as civilians, in order to monitor the crowds and remove violent/criminal elements, why didn’t they apprehend these people? Why did they let them organize and disrupt the peaceful protest, which was apolitical (nobody cheered the oppositon parties) and had some great demands and criticism against the Basescu regime. Like: „We’re sorry that we can’t produce as much as you would want to steal”, „Down with the Basescu-Boc government”, „We want anticipated elections”, „We want smaller taxes”, „End the corruption”, „You’ve destroyed us”, „Basescu=Ceausescu”, „Hasta la vista Base” and other ones that sound good only in romanian. The gendarmes brutalized women and men, that manifested peacefuly. The ones that hit civilians always have their faces covered! The opposition, especially the mayor of Constanta warned and criticized the violence displayed by the jandarms, saying that Basescu will fall and they will be accounted for. Since last Friday night, the protests continue in Romania and are getting bigger and bigger and peaceful. Last year Basescu praised the Arab Spring, now he is cowering. Where? Only his sycophants know. Bet he can’t say the same for the Romanian winter-spring!
Romanian communities in other countries in the EU also said that they support the protests and they themselves will protest abroad.


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