Romania cursed by my fellow idiot citizens

I don’t know what you guys have heard from the international press, but here’s how it goes.
Aprox half of the romanian citizens don’t vote, so that leaves aprox 50 plus something percent that do vote, though many times the percentage is lower than that.
In 2007 322 parliament members voted to suspend Traian Basescu and a referendum was held for his ousting. Way under 50% of the population presented itself and voted not to oust him. In 2012, on the same date, an other referendum was held, this time only 256 parliament members managed to suspend Traian Basescu. Over 87% voted to oust him, and the overall participation was over 45%. Now here’s the trick. In 2007 the referendum was validated, but then Basescu and his government (the liberal democrats, members of the EU populars) changed through government decree the referendum law, making a minimum of 51% of the population necessary in order for any referendum to be validated.
There is no such thing in any european country, except Russia and Letonia. Traian Basescu and PDL (his party), publicly encouraged the citizens to go out and vote no, after a couple of days, PDL encouraged them not to participate at the referendum, after a few more days Basescu was saying the same thing, naming the referendum a coup d’etat, from day one, then encouraged people to go out and vote (while still being a coup d’etat in his opportunistic viewpoint), then changed 180 degrees. Not only that but the voting lists were hoggwash, many of those on the lists were dead, so on top of the 51% minimum, they exaggerated the population figures.
The social liberal union handled it like crap. They could have at least rigged the numbers. Basescu won his second term via fraud, so why not oust him by fraud also.
My cretin fellow citizens voted for Basescu 3 times and only at the fourth time, did they vote right, ergo against him. But now through technicalities of our corrupt and idiot politicians and bought constitutional court and stupid constitution, it looks like this monstrous creature, will get to finish his term.
Traian Basescu, during Ceausescu’s regime worked in Anvers. Traian Basescu is the greatest magician of any romanian politician, he made the country’s fleet disappear. When the miners came in the capital to beat up the students, (and anyone who wore glasses, because the so called National Salvation Front called them, in order to shut up those people who had revolted on principle, via using discord. It;s always better to have dissidents bashed by „the people” and not just by police forces), Traian Basescu was the Transports Ministry. Basescu’s face and laugh and reasoning are as ugly as his face. He was a caviar communist, but after ’89 he presented himself as an anticommunist and my stupid fellow citizens ate his bullshit. He didn’t do anything when he got to be the mayor of Bucharest. The man’s opportunistic, vengeful, coarse, the greatest of demagogues… He even went so far as to claim that those who did not vote at this referendum, actually voted „no” to the referendum itself. He tries to swallow the half that doesn’t vote (at all in any election/referendum), as being part of his electorate or supporters. Since when does not voting/silence equals a vote of „no”? All lawful interpretations state that silence is just an other form of assent. The true interpretation is that those who did not vote, don’t give a shit about politics. No lawful interpretation can be found, as to state that the people back him up. Over 87% of those who came out to vote, voted to oust him from the presidency. Those 7 millions who voted to oust him, are unimportant/ignored by Traian Basescu.
Only in my fucking pathetic country do de jure double standards exist. The general elections, local elections and presidential elections, are all validated, regardless of voter turn out, but when it comes to oust the president, in the person of Traian Basescu, you need a turnout of 51%, how fucking pathetic is that?
Ceausescu, Iliescu, Constantinescu, Basescu, the fucking „escu” curse! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Now everything rests on those corrupt dinosaurs at the constitutional court, if they validate the referendum or not.

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