Sarah Palin vrea sa invadeze Cehia (Parodie from Daily Currant)


Intr-un interviu la televiziunea pentru ratatii razboinici de dreapta fara de leac, fostul guvernator al statului Alaska, Sarah Palin, a spus:

„We don’t know everything about these suspects yet,” Palin told Fox and Friends this morning, referring to Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who allegedly carried out the Boston Marathon attacks. „But we know they were Muslims from the Czech Republic.

„I betcha I speak for a lot of Americans when I say I want to go over there right now and start teaching those folks a lesson. And let’s not stop at the Czech Republic, let’s go after all Arab countries.

„The Arabians need to learn that they can’t keep comin’ over here and blowing stuff up. Let’s set off a couple of nukes in Islamabad, burn down Prague, then bomb the heck out of Tehran. We need to show them that we mean business.”

Desi gazdele emisiunii, Steve Doocy si Gretchen Carlson, au incercat sa corecteze geografia intervievatei, Sarah Palin, acestia i-au salutat sovinismul.

„Well Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan, which isn’t Arab,” Carlson corrected, „and Tehran is the capital of Iran, which is predominantly Persian. But I do see your point.”

„Also Czech Republic isn’t really an Arab or even Muslim country, I don’t think,” Doocy added, „but otherwise what you’re saying makes a lot of sense. I think most Americans wish Obama would step up and lead on this one.”

Dar Palin nu se lasa intimidata si continua.

„Steve, that’s probably one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever heard. How is Czech Republic not a Muslim country? You saw those brothers, they were Islamic and they were Chechen!”

„Yes there were Muslim and they were ethnic Chechens,” Doocy started, „but they grew up mostly in Kyrgyzstan and the United States. And more importantly, Chechens don’t come from the Czech Republic, they come from Chechnya, which is part of Russia. „

„What’s the difference?” Palin responded. „Isn’t Russia part of the Czech Republic?”

„No, the Czech Republic is a separate country. It’s part of the European Union and a strong NATO ally,” Doocy noted. „But heck, why not? Let’s invade. What could go wrong?”

„Yeah and while we’re at it,” Carlson added, „let’s call the Queen of England and see if the U.K. will join us.”

Dupa acest interviu, Palin a acuzat Fox News pentru agenda lor partinitoare pro-islamica si „pro-geografie”. Palin chiar a bagat Fox News in aceeasi oala cu presa liberala. LOL!

Mare ti-e gradina ta Doamne. Nu-i de mirare ca nimeni nu-i suporta pe americanii republicani. Ce conteaza ca cecenii nu sunt cehi, ca Cehia nu face parte din Rusia, ca iranienii sunt persi, ca pakistanezii nu sunt arabi, ca nu toti arabii sunt teroristi, ce conteaza ca esti o curva politica finantata sa spui prostii sovine si razboinice, ce conteaza ca habar n-ai pic de geografie, conteaza sa fii un american dur si „patriot”. Nu va faceti griji, dragi republicani. Dumnezeu iubeste DOAR America, uraste orice alta tara care „nu-i cu voi” si ii uraste pe democratii aia nenorociti de stanga (socialisti/comunisti). God Bless America! In God we trust!

PS: Interviul/povestea este o parodie, iar comentariile mele sunt un pamflet 😛


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